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Tsunami Risk

Multi-risk assessment and cascade effect analysis in
Cooperation between Indonesia and Germany -
Joint research on tsunamis induced by volcanoes and

Project organization
Scientific Results
Transfer and solutions

Involved partner institutions in Germany 

Involved partner institutions in Indonesia


The TSUNAMI_RISK project aims to make contributions in three different focus areas and 5 workpackages


Focus area 1: Geoscientific research

We address the physical processes involved in tsunamis from non-seismic sources, where do they occur, which signals do we expect, and how modelling approaches contribute?


Focus area 2: Social science research

We take into account the lessons learned from recent
disaster events, and identify appropriate communication lines, translated into concrete, in specific sociocultural contexts,
effective, efficient, and sustainable interventions.


Focus area 3:

Policy recommendations and transfer into practice

We support the transfer into practice for political
decision-makers at all levels and realize "science to practice". By tool development we contribute to improved warning procedures, warning chains and evacuation plans.


Workpackages and Project management

Five workpackages shall guarantee the distributed and interdisciplanary approach:
WP 1: management
WP 2: georesearch and risk identification through remote sensing and seismic monitoring
WP 3: modelling of flank instabilities and tsunami generation
WP 4: Social sciences WP 5: Transfer.


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